Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines to enter?

This is NOT a day of pageant! If you enter and are awarded an appointed State or City title, you will need to respond within 10 days or your title may be given the next eligible candidate. You CANNOT enter a State pageant any later than 30 days before that pageant will be held!

Do I need pageant experience?

No, absolutely not! We are looking for good representatives so anyone can qualify!

Is this a glitz or natural pageant?

This is a semi-glitz pageant - light makeup and hair is acceptable. We will ask our judges to mark down for spray tans, hair pieces, excessive makeup and flippers.

Do I pay my fee or can I find a sponsor?

You can either pay your fee yourself or ask a sponsor to do so (or any combination thereof).

If I am a state title-holder, do I have to attend Nationals?

Part of the experience of our pageant system includes participating at Nationals. It will be a weekend of fun activities and we are sure you will make friendships that last a lifetime!

What do I get if I win a city, state or national title?

All city or state delegates, whether through a state pageant or appointed, will win a beautiful crown, sash and pageant jewelry. City queens are given the opportunity to participate on a state level. State queens are given the opportunity to participate at Nationals. National winners receive a gorgeous crown, sash, trophy, pageant jewelry and up to $1000.00 in cash prizes.

Can I bring my own hair or makeup artist to the pageant dressing room with me?

No, we are expecting you to be pageant ready on the day of the pageant. Only delegates will be allowed in the dressing area.

Will there be a photographer or videographer at my state or National pageant?


How can I become a State Queen if their isn't a state pageant where I live?

You will need to fill out an application and resume online. Once received, our team will review all delegates and appoint a title accordingly. You will have ten (10) days to accept this title, turn in your contract and payment or it could be assigned to the next qualified delegate.

How can I become a City Queen?

You will need to fill out an application and resume online. City delegates are appointed on a first-come, first served basis.

Can I participate if I've been married, divorced, am over 25 years old or have children?

Yes, you are eligible to participate in our Ms. division on any of the levels (city, state or National).

Can I participate if I am plus-sized?

Yes, you can! We do not discriminate for size, height or race!

If I am selected, when will I get my crown and sash?

You will receive your crown and sash approximately 3-4 weeks after you return your signed contract and full entry fee payment.

If I have questions, who can I call?

Call our National Director, toll free at (888) 919-2399.